How Not To Budget

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Yesterday was a very grey day in Chicago, so instead of going down by the lake we decided to do some shopping instead. I ended up buying way to much stuff, including some Adidas Super-stars because everyone wears them here and I wanted to be cool like everyone in Chicago (I’m a real conformist at heart guys). Started off the day by checking out the Dollop Coffee Shop, which was described in a brochure as indie so it was basically the only option for someone as hip as me. (I hope everyone reads this in as sarcastic of a tone as I write it in).

After this Coffee outing we made are way back to DePaul to get me excused from school for a tour I didn’t even go on. This was a surprisingly easy thing to do so with our spare time we took a trip to my first ever whole foods. It was basically like any other health food store I’ve ever been in.


Juice from Whole Foods

Chicago is an extremely cool city. If you’ve never been, they have an above ground train that basically just runs over the top of downtown and it is probably my favorite part so far. It’s super artsy here and there are murals all over the place. It seems like there is a university on every other block so the place is swarming with young creative types, which makes my mom feel old. The trip seems too short but I am enjoying the things I’ve experienced.

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Existential Crisis in Chicago

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We flew into Chicago yesterday at 6:00 in the morning and landed at about 11:00. I had purposely planned the tour of DePaul University on the first day because I was prepared to be disappointed and didn’t want to spend the whole trip anxious to meet with financial aid.

There is something to be said about always having really low expectations. It means you can never really be that disappointed. If you keep in mind that it’s probably not going to work out because nothing in your life ever works out, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it does. This is terrible life advice.

Anyway bottom line is that I can’t afford to go to college and there is no other feasible options.

Having an existential crisis is of course not ideal but the fact that I can have it in a hip coffee shop makes it a little bit better.

My traveling partner/mom is confident that I will figure my life out. I’m pretty confident I won’t. More pictures and and such to come tomorrow. Mostly I was on a plane or in a hotel yesterday.