2018: In Review

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I began my 2018 alone, in my room drinking sparkling cider and wearing my ex-boyfriend’s shirt. I rang in the new year binge watching Netflix (and probably crying, lets be real). My whole year continued much like this first night, lonely. Despite this ever present feeling of solitude, I made more friends than ever in 2018. I’m not big on resolutions, but as we begin this year, I though it would be nice to take a look back at some highlights from last year.

NYE 2017

January: I spent most of the first month with my second family, aka my best friend and her son, until school began to take up most of my time. I also participated in the Billing’s Women’s March alongside my sister. I got my thigh tattoo finished and I also spent an excessive amount of time in my friends dorm room that month bleaching his hair.

February: That month was a dull one, I completely stopped talking to someone who was toxic for me at the time, so I remember concentrating a lot on school. I spent a lot of time in my friends dorm room, just as an excuse to be out of my house. I finally got around to watching “Get Out” on one of many movie nights. 3/5 stars, because I guessed the twist way before it happened.

March: Made grape soda floats. Spent every night with my friend Red Willow. Dyed my hair blonde.

April: At the beginning of April, my mom, Maisy, and I took a trip down to Florida which was much needed. April also marked the opening of my favorite brunch place in Billings, Sassy Biscuit.

May: May was quite the month. I finished my first year of college! I spent the first half of the month at a lot of backyard parties, and drinking a lot of vodka lemonade. Then I got a pay cut at my job so I drank more vodka lemonade but without the lemonade this time. I impulsively got band-aids tattooed on my knees (no regrets). May also marks the month I met my dear friends Ashton and Teanna.

I get my knee tats.

June: I turned 20! and spent it making sure my adult friends child went to bed because her mom was passed out drunk on the couch.

My friend Leilahni in June.

July: dyed my hair green and ate a lot of brunch. I also took a spontaneous road trip to Bozeman with Ashton and Teanna.

August: Took a road trip to Colorado to find a place to live/work. We found neither but moved anyway. My dad gave me a tattoo. I had my going away party and said goodbye to all my friends. I also left my job at Dillard’s that month.

September: Officially moved for the first time in my life, from Montana to Colorado. Wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but I did learn that I have too much stuff. I also saw 5 Seconds Of Summer that month which was amazing.

October: My car broke down, I ran out of money and my life broke down. October was the worst month of 2018 but we coped. I still dressed up for Halloween and I still carved my yearly pumpkin.

squad gourds

November: Learned how to french braid, learned how to cook, and had the chillest thanksgiving I’ve ever had. I worked Black Friday at Target and made some more friends.

December: Took a trip to visit my favorite cult members in Boulder Colorado. I also checked out a really cool bookstore while I was there. I spent the rest of the month working, and basically forgot about Christmas. My roommate’s mom brought us down a Christmas tree and some furniture, as well as gifts from my family. I learned how to make homemade orange rolls, and spent Christmas, cooking with my roommate.

And that was my year. I hope you enjoyed this little look at my life. It wasn’t a bad year, but I wouldn’t say it was a good one either. I am mostly glad for the people that came into my life this year and I hope they stay through the next one. My New Year’s Eve this year was spent watching this shitty Youtube live stream of the ball drop, with my roommate. It’s so dumb how a single minute makes you feel like your whole life is resetting. I wasn’t different in that minute. I was still high af and I was still drinking Martinelli’s sparkling cider.

One last thing: I have launched a Patreon! So if you want to support my writing (and another special project.) Go check it out!



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