Belize: bowling & beaching

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These past few days were our more mellow days here in Belize. We spent most of Saturday sprawled out on the beach or participating in Zac’s new favorite activity, ocean kayaking. Around midday it got cloudy so we walked down about a block to the Jaguar bowling  alley, which is unfortunately probably the closest I will get to seeing a jaguar this trip. Belize is the kind of place, where you need about a month to see everything there is to see and unfortunately we only had a week, so no jaguars.image1 (21)

After bowling a fairly terrible game we walked down to a restaurant called Mangoes. I got some more pasta and literally THE BEST KEY LIME PIE EVER. All the food we have eaten here has been delicious and incredibly fresh.

I had some more pasta at Mango’s. Pasta in Belize is very garlicy and has fresh tomatoes and basil in it.

Today Zac’s dad went fishing, so Zac and I just hung out at The Green Parrot all day. I sat on the beach this morning and finished my book. Zac got sunburn so he stayed inside for most of the day. Everyone at The Green Parrot has been so nice and interesting. I’ve never experienced more welcoming people while on a trip.

I also posted this picture of me drinking Fanta on Instagram. They have orange, fruit punch, pineapple, and grapefruit Fanta, and I am honestly very upset by the fact that I can’t have fruit punch Fanta when I get home. It’s tastes just like cream soda except it’s red and I have been drinking it everyday.

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I feel surprisingly comfortable with my body in this picture. Something about being in a tropical place or on vacation makes me 10 times less concerned about what people think about the way I look. I follow a lot of travel accounts on Instagram and I see all of these young women who are perfectly positioned in there bikinis looking stunningly beautiful, but that’s just not what it’s about. Travel is about experience and when you are exploring a new country there is no time to be worried about how your body looks in a swimsuit.

I can’t believe that we only have one day left here in Belize. It seems like it was yesterday that we stepped off the plane into Houston. I would definitely return to Belize if I had the chance. It is such a beautiful and friendly country.


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