Spring Jams

playlists, Writing

Some music for your rainy walks, warmer nights, and reading with the windows open.

  1. Get Away – Circa Waves
  2. DNA – Kendrick Lamar
  3. Pleaser – Wallows
  4. Watercolour Envy – Phoebe Green
  5. I’m Sorry (feat. shiloh) – Swell
  6. Fur Hildegard von Bingen – Devendra Banhart
  7. Chanel – Frank Ocean
  8. Bonfire – Brenky
  9. Portrait In Black And Blue – King Krule
  10. Party Talk – Craft Spells
  11. Beast – Aldous Harding

Spring, for me, is very in between. Between being happy and sad, and with the way the year has gone so far I find myself feeling very hesitant. As the sun comes out, I am taking baby steps into the light. I learn new things about myself, as the earth is once again learning how to grow.

My advice for the week: Let people in. Solitude feels comfortable but it’s the uncomfortable, first gatherings with new friends that create memories and contentment.

Enjoy the cloudy days, the sunny ones, and enjoy Kendrick Lamar’s new album because that man is a poet.

“I don’t love people enough to put my faith in man.”

“The hurt becomes repetition, the love almost lost that.”

– Pride – Kendrick Lamar

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