Ideas For Self Care


Something that has become very relevant in my life recently has been making sure that I take care of myself in between work and events. So here are some ideas that I use to care for myself and that you could use too.

  1. Taking a bath: I don’t take baths unless I’m stressed but I have a variety of bath bombs, bubble bath, and bath salts for my times of need. Something about laying quietly in a body of warm water is so therapeutic.
  2. Face masks: One of the quickest things that I use to calm myself down are sheet masks. They’re quick, cooling and force me to sit down for fifteen minutes. Plus they’re really cheap and are basically sold everywhere these days.
  3. Lemon tea with lemon slices and honey: Really any type of tea will work but lemon is my favorite. Drinking hot tea hydrates you quickly and spreads warmth through your whole body.
  4. Reading: I’m convinced these days that reading is good for everything, including self care. I have a playlist on Spotify of music without lyrics to help get out of the real world and into the world of the book. Distraction is one of the best cures for stress and sadness.
  5. Art journaling: A post going into more detail about my art journaling is coming soon, but for now I will tell you that releasing creativity is releasing stress and even if your not good at art, journaling will help. No one else has to see it. It’s for you to release your feelings into a physical form.
  6. Working: I see a lot of posts on social media about how if you are feelings stressed you should just skip work or school. This is not a practical solution, and for those of us who actually live in the real world, and have to go to our jobs there are a few things you can do to make the day easier.
    • bring tea or coffee to keep you alert and recharged
    • drink loads of water!
    • involve yourself in your favorite part of your work, to stay positive and happy until the end of the day
    • bring a healthy lunch so your not hungry at all during the day.
    • Socialize with the people at work who care about you
  7. Naps: easiest way to deal with stress? don’t. go to bed and forget about it.
  8. Watch an uplifting movie: Pick a movie that you’ve seen before and makes you happy. I generally pick Disney Pixar or Wes Anderson.
  9. Clean your space: Having a clean space makes everything seem simpler and easier when I’m really stressed I like to take all the books off my bookshelf and reorganize them.
  10. Yoga or Exercise: Just do something with your body and you will feel much better.

Hope you found this list helpful. đŸ™‚ Let me know in the comments some things you do for self care.

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