PDX part 3

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Case Study Coffee:

Sticking to my plan of trying a new coffee shop everyday, I made my way to Case Study Coffee. It reminded me a lot of the coffee shop I visited in Chicago. I chose to try one of the house flavors, so I had a hazelnut latte. Overall I think the people at this coffee shop were the nicest out of all the coffee shops I’ve been to.

The Original: 

After coffee I took a walk up to the Portland State University to check out the campus. Once I hit a certain block right before the campus, it became very peaceful, and I enjoyed a nice walk through the campus. I was supposed to meet my aunt at 12:30 for lunch so I walked back towards her work and hung out in the TJ Maxx across the street until she was finished working. After that we walked down the block to The Original. Since it’s a trend now I got a grilled cheese and tomato soup. I also got a berry shake which was delicious. image4-6

West Side:

After lunch we walked around and looked at some shops that were super cute and also ridiculously expensive. There was a baby onesie that was fifty dollars. The baby would grow out of it before it ever wore it enough to be worth fifty dollars. The day I can throw fifty dollars at clothes for my baby will be the day I have reached peak success.

Tiny Ass Park:

I knew it was small but this is just ridiculously small. It is literally in the middle of the street. Come on Portland. You’re weird. we get it.image8-2


Japanese Gardens:

Today was my last full day in Portland and I feel like after seven days I know the city pretty well. We drove up to the Japanese gardens this morning to take in some last minute Oregon nature. The fish and the moss were beautiful. It is one of the most realistic Japanese gardens besides the ones found in actual Japan.

Grilled Cheese Grill:

I highly doubt that anywhere else will you be able to order a make-your-own grilled cheese sandwich and then eat it on a mural painted, refurbished, school bus. You can at the Grilled Cheese Grill and it was pretty unique. Delicious grilled cheese.

Forbidden Annex Tattoo:

I posted that something was happening on my Facebook earlier, and yes, I got another tattoo. The other day when I was out shopping I went into a store called 3 Monkeys, where I met Renee, a licensed tattoo artist. After some emailing back and forth she drew me up a design and I met her at 2:00 today to get it done. I LOVE IT. She did an incredible job. Oregon is the only state that requires you to go to school to become a tattoo artist and it shows. The studio was super clean and provided a great experience. Here it is!

I’ll see you guys Monday, where I will be writing from Montana once again. Thank for everyone who read through my Portland adventure.



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