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Powell’s and Burnside:                                                                                                                     

On my first day in Portland by myself I started with Powell’s books. After a quick stop at Pete’s coffee, and a couple of turn arounds I made it to the biggest book store in, I assume, the U.S. (I actually have no idea if that’s a true fact, but it’s big). I honestly probably got more lost in there than I did in the whole city of Portland. When I finished at Powell’s, I still had a couple of hours left before most of the shops opened so I decided to set out to find the Burnside Skate Park. This was more of a challenge than I originally thought because as it turns out Burnside in the morning is one of the sketchier parts of the city. Once I finally made it to the Burnside Bridge, It had become evident that finding a skate park under a bridge was not only challenging to navigate but also potentially dangerous so I decided to postpone the trip…so I guess this section is actually just called Powell’s.


In Powell’s


Kenny and Zuke’s Delicatessen:

After the Burnside stuff I tried to go back to the shops I saw earlier…but I couldn’t find them, so instead I just decided to get lunch. I stopped in a cute looking lunch shop, got a table for one, and got another grilled cheese. This one was on bread this time but it was still pretty delicious.


grilled cheese and Grape Fanta

Downtown Shops:

After eating lunch I walked out and realized the shops I was looking for earlier were right down the street! I stopped at Wildfang, Animal Collective, Back Talk, and I bought a sweater at HydenYoo New York. It’s grid print, it’s super cute, and it was also 30% off. After this I tried to go into a weed dispensary, but you apparently have to be 21 so I got kicked out… I wasn’t even going to buy anything, I just wanted to go in.


Back Talk

Salt and Straw:

This is the portion of my day where my phone dies and I sit at an ice cream shop for an hour. After waiting for twenty minutes in line I got two scoops of ice cream. one lavender honey and the other strawberry balsamic with black pepper. Then I sat on a bench for an hour eating it. truly delicious. no pictures obviously.


Public Domain:

grabbed my morning cup of coffee at Public Domain this morning and sat there until around lunch time when I went to meet Laura. Some important lawyer ladies were sitting next to me and having the most passive aggressive conversation ever but other than that it was still a pretty good time.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Public Domain Coffee

Burnside Skate Park (for real this time):

Hey I found it! with the help of my aunt and uncle. going to skate parks really makes me wish I could be a pro skateboarder, unfortunately it’s to late for me, I am doomed to photograph skate parks for all of eternity.


Voodoo Doughnuts:

Shittiest looking doughnut shop ever but best tasting. I don’t know if I can eat any doughnut that’s not a grape doughnut now.

Boxer Ramen and 23rd street:

I have never had ramen that wasn’t from a bag but it was good and also adorable. I bought more stationary and that took up the rest of my day today!

Next post Friday. Last Portland Post and it will be a good one.



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